Offshore Company Formation – Hong Kong Is The Place To Be

Types of Company Registration in Hong Kong. There are numerous business registration types in Hong Kong, and many are not available in the Chinese SAR. One of the main benefits of having a Hong Kong company is the complete exemption from the corporation’s primary registration requirement in China.
Besides the absence of the prior legal requirements, another of the many benefits of offshore company formation Hong Kong is the ease of business registration. Companies can now be registered with effect within three months from the time of application. Previously, companies had to be registered with the Companies Registry in China. It was a very cumbersome and time-consuming process. Furthermore, it meant that the company would have to pay high registration fees to the registry.
Today, offshore company formation in Hong Kong offers a fast and simple registration process. Moreover, the company formation service in Hong Kong that you choose will have its account team ready to deal with all the necessary formalities and paperwork. You will no longer have to bother about submitting the forms or anything else to the Chinese authorities.
There are many more benefits of company formation in Hong Kong, aside from the ones highlighted above. However, these are some of the most popular ones. When you are ready to open an offshore company, ensure that you consider these benefits:
A company formation in Hong Kong can make the choice of a good company easier. You will have more control over the management of your company. Moreover, you will enjoy tax benefits, too. You will not have to pay income tax on any dividends paid by the company. You can also enjoy other services such as exemption from stamp duty and other import duties. Moreover, there is a simplified procedure for company registration, and all the other documentation you need to submit is entirely under your control.
The offshore company formation Hong Kong offers makes the whole registration process quick and easy to complete. Your company can be registered online within a few hours. Moreover, you will have a simple company registration method, and then you will have to make sure that you appoint a qualified director and shareholders. Your business plan will be scrutinized thoroughly. You will have to ensure that it complies with the country’s laws in setting up your offshore company.
Besides the easy registration procedures, offshore company formation Hong Kong also offers a lot of other services. These include providing a virtual address that can be used for bank accounts and other financial transactions. This address can be created at any branch of the bank that you choose. Another service that is provided is the creation of an offshore joint-venture company. It means that two business houses can come together to form a new enterprise, and they will benefit from the services of each other without having to open up their own offices in the city.
As Hong Kong companies are exceptionally well known for the quality of services they provide, most people prefer to establish their companies. However, the registration process of offshore company formation in Hong Kong can be tedious and may take several days before you get all the documents you require. Hence, it is advisable to get the services of experienced professionals in the field of company registration. They can help you get all the papers completed in a short period, and they can do it correctly.