The Secret Guide To Mp3 Music

It honestly appears like the Feds could break our door down at any minute and haul us off to jail for downloading free music. Plus, because of well-paid lawyers and filthy rich record executives, you might also need to be worried about getting sued for a few pathetic Britney Spears single that you downloaded from Napster back college! While the iPod and increasing number of companies offering legal music downloads (for a fee, of course) may actually show that consumers still want their MP3s, the truth is that you should be leery of the words “free” and “MP3” appearing together on an internet site.

Well, free downloads brought down Napster and they are illegal – why even risk it?

Actually, that isn’t true. Napster fell from grace and had to start charging for downloads because people were swapping entire CDs on the site. Now in all honesty, the system was abused, that is what caused the lawsuits in the first place. Plus, and I know this is getting technical, Napster allowed “swapping” of MP3 files, not downloading.

So file swapping, which costs nothing, and free MP3 music downloads will vary…do explain!

With file swapping, two people were exchanging songs that had to first be purchased (at some time) at a store. Once the song or CD was purchased, the record company got their cut, the musicians made their money, and a whole lot of record store clerks and warehouse people had jobs, aswell. Swapping cut everyone out of this loop so that all lost money – lots of it – except Napster, which made a killing off of advertising. But free MP3 music downloads are offered by artists, and sanctioned by music companies, as a means of attracting new fans. One is stealing, while the other is marketing.

There needs to be a catch…there is nothing free!

Well, as I said, free MP3 music downloads are about promoting an artist, and getting them some exposure that would not be possible otherwise. But there are a few things to look out for when considering any free MP3 music downloads. First, it is common for older songs to be listed as free MP3 music downloads, however the kicker is that you only get yourself a sample of the song rather than what you are really after – you know, just like the whole song or something silly like that!

Another thing to watch out for are information mining sites. Before you ask, let me just tell you – these are sites offering up free MP3 music downloads, but ask that you complete a “quick survey” first. Buried twenty pages deep into the book that is the site’s ONLINE PRIVACY POLICY, these sites clearly state in the smallest print allowed by law they can turn around and sell this information. Now, it may seem it a good trade free of charge MP3 music downloads, and willingly give out the information for a few decent tunes at no charge. However, if you are a little nervous about who has your information and for what purposes, you might would like to spend a buck or two for the song and become done with it. Regardless of how you consider it, though, free MP3 music downloads are out there, and you really can then add great tunes to your collection – without fretting about being served a warrant!