How To Make Madison Painting

Choosing a painting contractor can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be! Here are some tips whenever choosing a painting contractor.

1. Call up 2-3 painting contractors for estimate comparisons
2. When you called, how many times did you need to call before they answered?
3. Once they answered, how long did you have to await them to come to your house?
4. Once they did the estimate, how long did it take to obtain it in writing via email or postal mail?

These questions are important, they’re indicators of how Madison exterior painting you will end up treated once you are hired!
If they didn’t return your call exactly the same day you called them, you need to wonder why! If it requires them longer then 3 times to come out to your home to accomplish the estimate, you need to wonder why! In the event that you didn’t obtain the written estimate within 72 hours of them visiting you, you should wonder why! When they say “well, I am really hectic, sorry I couldn’t respond to sooner”, that is no excuse! They should hire more painters or office help to properly run the business! That could indicate that your job will never be run timely and properly and important corners could be cut!

Once you receive the estimate make sure of a couple of things:

1. That the estimate is detailed! How will the work end up being prepped? Will they prime? How many finish coats of paint or stain?
2. Will high quality products be utilized? What’s the name of the products? Why do they use the products?
3. Do they have Workers Payment and Liability Insurances? If a painter falls off a ladder at your home, the liability doesn’t help, you will need Workers Compensation!
4. Do they have references?
5. How long have they been in business?
6. Did they set a start and end date for the job on the estimate?
7. Did someone from the company sign the estimate?

Remember, do not pick a contractor because he is the least expensive! There could be grounds why he is cheap and you don’t want that! It doesn’t mean that you should go with probably the most expensive estimate, but usually there is a reason why prices are different, make an effort and call each contractor after you get the price and have why his price is leaner or higher, he could point out valuable reasons for his pricing! Your goal should be a superior quality paint job!